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Welcome to Marble Emporium Sdn Bhd, a source for all your stone needs and questions. We are one of the largest natural stone providers in Klang Valley, Malaysia. We offer the highest quality of granite, marble, limestone, onyx, slate, travertine and quartz. We have been importing first-grade material from around the world since the 1980s. By utilizing our associates in South America, Europe, Middle East and our owners travelling directly to quarries around the world to personally select materials in order to satisfy the most discerning tastes. We are dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge and service to designers, architects, fabricators and discerning homeowners.

Our objective is to offer quality marble and granite stone products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team to assist you. We also provided installation service for floors, walls and counter tops by professional teams of installers. Marble Emporium Sdn Bhd prides itself on our quality inventory, service, dedication and professionalism acquired from years of experience, enabling us to meet and exceed the industry standards.

Welcome to the world of fine stones and enjoy your experience!

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We have a consulting team to advise on design and use of the perfect material for any areas to be installed with natural stone.

We are a young, dynamic and constantly evolving company. We can be defined as a global company sourcing our materials from the seven continents. We speak a new language and have developed a multifaceted expression approach to match any requirements in the stone industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Our FAQ Site. Here you will find information from many of our products.

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What do I need to consider when buying marble?

Make sure that your choice in marble tile has been appropriately gauged (its edges are perfectly square) and calibrated (the back of each tile is made entirely flat). This will make it easier to install from tile to tile. And when you order marble, expect color variation. This is a natural product, the color of which has been determined randomly depending on which mineral content makes up each batch when the marble is formed.

Do I need to be there when the site is being measured and installed?

It is advisable you are there when the site is being measured so you can answer any questions our staff may have. Also, if you are there when it is being installed you can confirm that you are happy with the installation.

Can marble be repaired if it’s damaged?

Yes. The best people to speak with about how to repair marble are your local retailers. They know about the latest products which are meant for repairing marble. Most of these will come in the form of an epoxy glue or filler. Wiping down any broken pieces with acetone so that all existing materials are removed is the first step in making sure that it will re-bond with the broken piece. Make sure to clear all bonding agents from the surface of the marble. Be sure to apply the right amount of pressure for the right amount of time.

Is marble suitable for a kitchen countertop?

Marble is not ideal for a kitchen countertop. It is more suitable for vanity units in bathrooms, coffee tables, consoles. Even when sealed, marble is not as dense as granite. This makes it more porous and more prone to staining especially in a highly used area such as a kitchen.

How do I achieve the best from a Natural Stone installation?

The final look of mixed tiles may fall short of appearance expectations, especially if the stone is variegated and veined. The installer should mix tiles from different boxes during the installation to achieve a more even, visually pleasing result in the finished surface. The homeowner should always look at the natural stone with the installer before the installation takes place. Moreover, it is highly recommended that the homeowner gets involved and discusses the stone layout with the installer in details to prevent misunderstandings from occurring.

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Our objective is to offer quality natural stone products (marble, granite, quartzite, travertine, limestone, onyx) at competitive pricing. Our knowledgeable team of professionals are here to assist you, visit our Showroom in Great Eastern Mall and Jalan Pekan Subang.

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